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To become the dependable, long-term partner of our clients, we go extra mile. Our first priority is becoming a true technology partner.


Tritcal is Your Preferred Software Partner

Our main area of expertise is listening to your project's goals and understanding the purpose behind them. The next step is to create a road map for achieving it. Then, we'll decide how each member of our team will contribute. Then, begin with just one main objective.

After the project is successfully completed, our customer support team will deliver the project and continue to look after you.

Tritcal International Core Principles

In comparison with market standards; our professionals are highly capable of contributing to real value, through their competency and experience.

Quality of Service

“To be skilled in all round performance in the relevant fields to full fill customers’ need”

Integrity and Openness

“Maintain the standards which transpires coveted principles”

Security and Conducive

“Maintain smooth and safe cyber work practices to ensure healthy atmosphere to everyone concerned”

Social Responsibility

“To be fully conscious of the community and its welfare”

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From Tritcal, our complete eCommerce shopping cart web solution will include a fully functioning shopping cart website, a payment gateway to facilitate merchants and comprehensive website marketing knowledge – all for just a small premium.

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We Offer Professional Solutions

Here onward, we’ll also be taking good care of all aspects that pertain to your web order processing and other eCommerce needs, so that you can focus on other important operations of your core business.

Easy & First
E-Com Shopping Cart

An Ecommerce shopping cart is a type of software that allows customers to purchase items from your shop or store a list of the items they wish to purchase.

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Suitable For All Users
Point Of Sales (POS)

Whether you have a small grocery shop or are into supermarkets, bookstore, pharmacy, small take-away to a hotel, spare-parts shop to an electronic megastore, textiles shop

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Commitment To
Reservation System

A reservation system, though it might sound like a tool used at the reception desk, is actually an online piece of software that enables guests to book their own stays online and pay for them using a secure portal

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Easy & Smooth
Ticket Support System

An online ticketing system streamlines how you communicate with your customers. Unlike email, it does not require the set up of multiple folder structures and color

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Commitment To
Fuel Station Management System

Fuel Station Management Systems is developed with account of all modern requirements to systems for automation of petrol stations

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Responsible To
Student Management Systems

A student management system (also known as a student information system or SIS) helps a school manage data, communications, and scheduling

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Specialized in Custom System Development

Tritcal is an experienced custom software development company based in Kandy, Sri Lanka.

Having more than 10 years of experience in the field of software development together with affluent knowledge of the same for various industries globally, our project management capabilities are strengthened with our quality standards to ensure that we create premium customized software solutions that give businesses in Sri Lanka an edge over their competitors – both within the country and overseas.

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Our main area of expertise is listening to your project's goals and understanding the purpose behind you.

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